WTIP North Shore Community Radio

WTIP is a local community radio station serving northeastern Minnesota. Through this vibrant organization, thousands of visitors and residents spread out over miles of woods and waters come together to stay informed of local news and weather, enjoy programming that reflects the unique culture of the region, and engage in conversations and activities that help build healthy community.

WTIP was launched in 1998 by a small group of pioneering volunteers sitting around a kitchen table who believed that community radio in this remote region could play an important role in building a sense of shared community. Today, community volunteers are behind many of the station’s programs and efforts, making WTIP a true reflection of the unique culture and personality of the area. From local news, weather, and information to award-winning features on area history and culture, WTIP effectively serves the unique needs and interests of the area. 

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Latitude: 47.749373 Longitude: -90.357916 Elevation: 767 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Melanie Steele


Visitors to the area often say, "WTIP is something special - unlike any other radio station." This is due in part to the fact that WTIP’s on-air programming reflects the culture of the region. From environmental features in the award-winning series “The Lake Superior Project,” to diverse music and information programs, to award-winning history and arts segments, WTIP produces quality radio that is used and enjoyed by area residents, visitors, and listeners around Lake Superior and beyond.

WTIP also reaches beyond the airwaves, embracing their role and using their position as a trusted community asset to increase the well-being of the area. They partner with area organizations to create and support vibrant community events, host the annual Radio Waves Music Festival each September to highlight local musicians, and offer engaging services such as community conversations and a community garden on site at the station.

How to Support

It takes support in many forms to make WTIP Community Radio possible. Volunteers, businesses, community members, and listeners from all over Minnesota and beyond work together to support WTIP’s efforts, and their support is reflected every day through unique programming, quality features, and engaging services.

WTIP welcomes and encourages support on many levels, including new volunteers and active listener-members.

Contact WTIP to get involved.


WTIP rocks the North Shore (and a lot of the South Shore too!)

Bob Carter, 5/5/2014

WTIP is the community radio station that opens the window to all that the Arrowhead region of Northern Minnesota has to offer for enjoying the great North Woods experience.

Rainbow Trout, 5/5/2014

WTIP is the community radio station that opens the window to all that the Arrowhead region of Northern Minnesota has to offer for enjoying the great North Woods experience.

Rainbow Trout, 5/5/2014

WTIP is way more than just a radio station. It's the heart of our community and very valuable resource for us all. Our community and setting is awesome too and they're a reflection of that. We love you WTIP!!!

Becky Stoner, 5/5/2014

A wonderful source of Music and information

Tyler Howell, 5/6/2014

WTIP provides a service to the community that was not available before it existed. Local news, weather, events, and other information benefits its listeners. Because of WTIP our community is better informed about everything that affects us.

Sherrie Lindskog, 5/10/2014

WTIP provides a much-needed service to all its listeners. It keeps us up-to-date on news, weather, community events, and is a great source of music and entertainment.

Sherrie Lindskog, 5/12/2014

I don’t know of any other radio station, public or private, that reflects the values, interests, and landscape better than WTIP. It is informative, inclusive, and just plain fun to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world, and have WTIP on the dial.

tersenia schuett, 5/19/2014

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