Wolf Ridge Naturalist and Teacher Training Programs

Live, learn & teach in a community of over thirty skilled environmental educators and naturalists. Join the broader community of over 800 alumni scattered across the globe serving as college professors, natural resource professionals, directors of nature centers and camps, school teachers, scientists, state and national park naturalists, writers, adventurers, and artists.

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Latitude: 47.381904 Longitude: -91.196557 Elevation: 1426 ft

How to Participate

Each week you could be teaching six classes, working on graduate coursework for Antioch classes, serving as a liaison for a visiting group and all the while trying to find time to play and stay current with your email. Though the schedule can be demanding, if you enjoy a little chaos and love the outdoors, Wolf Ridge might be worth looking into. For more information or to apply, contact Joe Walewski.

Dates and Times

End of August through beginning of June.

Appropriate Ages

Must be a college graduate.

Accessibility Notes

Wolf Ridge welcomes people of all abilities and learning styles. Trails are dirt/gravel. Displays in the Science Center are wheel-chair accessible.

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