Tilson Bay Access and Fishing Pier.

Tilson Bay access features a ramp as well as a fishing pier allowing anglers to cast to deeper clear water or into the edges of the weed beds where some large northern pike could be lurking. It's an added bonus that a hiking trail allows you roam a bit more shoreline looking for the right spot to fish from .

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Latitude: 48.598468 Longitude: -93.233153 Elevation: 1121 ft
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Rules and Regulations for Fishing Area

Pertinent rules are posted at the site.

Hints and Tips for Fishing this Area

Jigging with a minnow or slowly retrieving a spinner rig tipped with a minnow will probably provide the best results. Walleye, Crappie and Northern Pike are all possible in this area.

Best Access and Parking Areas

There is a parking lot across the road with sufficient room for nearly a dozen cars and trailers.

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