Rainy Lake Watercolors

Valerie Larson
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Latitude: 48.60433 Longitude: -93.437971 Elevation: 1123 ft
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Valerie Larson creates watercolor paintings of the Rainy Lake landscape and wildlife that are simple and graphic.  She would like her  artwork to raise awareness and influence people to become more environmentally conscious. Mood and emotional responses are captured through color, contrast, and line which invite the viewer to observe and support the natural environment through conservation and education.  Her paintings have been exhibited in the United States and Canada and are included in numerous private collections throughout. Gallery viewing can be scheduled, by appointment, through phone or email.

Full Explanation

 The Rainy Lake landscape and wildlife are her subject matter and she distills this complex imagery into pure and simple compositions. A graduate of Bemidji State University in Minnesota, she now works as an instructor and freelance artist out of her home studio and gallery. Training in illustration and design influence the way she sees things and have contributed to her painting style. Techniques called negative painting and glazing are recognized within her work. Inspired by visual experiences and a love for nature, her watercolor paintings are expressed by using a variety of shapes, dramatic contrast, exaggerating color, and strong design elements. Because the development of land and encroachment on wildlife are ever increasing, she applies her visual art skills to compose images that generate an interest in the pristine, natural beauty of our fragile environment. 



Patty Haggerty, 6/10/2014

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