Koshar's Sausage Kitchen

Stop in at Koshar's and you'll want to take something home with you.  Old-world tradition and time-honored recipes make for wonderful homemade ethnic sausages and meats.  The smells of smoked sausage linger in the air and samples are readily available.  The huge showcase holds plenty of goodies for every taste.

Homemade ethnic sausage includes Polish, Smoked Hot Italian, Blood, Potato and Porketta.  There is also breakfast sausage, hot dogs and a variety of brats for the grill.  Ready to eat foods include dried Polish, hot Italian jerky, homemade pepperoni and salami.  Special meats include smoked spare ribs and loins, chops and steaks, porketta, turketta, cottage bacon and zelodec. 

Hams are especially popular at holiday times in the Slovenian tradition.  Deli items also include turkey breast, olive loaf and bologna.  There is a wide variety of cheese that can be sliced while you wait.  Meat and cheese trays are available.  They process wild game for hunters.

Canned foods from Slovenia and Croatia are along one wall; peppers, pickled beets and other popular imported treats. 

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Latitude: 47.485951 Longitude: -92.467296 Elevation: 1493 ft

Hours Open

Tuesday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM, Saturday 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Seasons Open

Year round

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

The sausage kitchen has been in Gilbert since the 1920s.  Dan Koshar ran the business for many years.  It was purchased in the mid 80's by two sisters, Le Schutte and Albina Medved.  Le Schutte's son and grandson, Willy and Adam Ferkul now operate the business.   


I drive up from Duluth whenever I am in town and bring back a box load ....finally have to put my hands in my posckets ore I'd FILL the trunk. Just like Grandma's in Chisholm.

Michael, 10/23/2016

I just read this as I'm eating a ring of blood sausage and French merlot. I had to buy this last July, only other time I ever had it was at dinner with the Pavelich family as a kid. It's great !

Pete Gilliam , 5/4/2017

Home made everything. Everything Great!!! To my life long family friends, Willy and Adam: You guys are the best. Be Blessed.

Franke P., 8/25/2017

I have introduced dozens of people to the zelodec and EVERYONE always loves it! Grab a brochure off the deli case with cooking instructions on it and you’ll be back for more! One of their polish cooked on the campfire is my absolute favorite way to enjoy them.

Terry Craven, 7/1/2018

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