Iron Range Veterans Memorial in Chisholm

A display of the U.S., MN, MIA, and the eight uniformed federal services flags which are flanked by an M 60 A3 Tank, VH1 Helicopter and an F 94 C Jet Aircraft and anchor.  The Iron Range Veterans Memorial was a project by Press-Lloyd American Legion Post #247


Latitude: 47.477888 Longitude: -92.896625 Elevation: 1571 ft
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Seasons Open

Open Year Round


Veteran’s stories can be logged in with the Research Center in the Minnesota Discovery Center and stored in their archives. It is a great way to preserve our history of this important area and special people who settled here.

Jane Kreis, 4/16/2016

As our veterans go down in history, we need to preserve their important stories so history touches the next generations with real fascinating, from the heart stories that only our veterans can relay.

Jane Kreis, 4/16/2016

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