I.W. Stevens - Visitor Destination, Voyageurs National Park

In 1931, Ingvald Walter Stevens purchased this island from the Virginia & Rainy Lake Logging Company and began building cabins by hand. Within a few years he was hosting guests at his “Pine Cove” and would operate his one-man resort until 1959. He continued to live alone on the island another 20 years, to the ripe age of 94, where Stevens achieved some fame for his isolated lifestyle. As a testament to his resolve and adventurous spirit, Voyageurs National Park has preserved I.W. Steven’s beloved home.

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Latitude: 48.44317 Longitude: -92.738745 Elevation: 1136 ft

Recreational Opportunities

Interpretive waysides

Day Use -picnicing

Seasons Accessible

Summer - by watercraft



Accessibility Notes

This site will be accessible in August 2015

Pet Friendly Notes

All pets must be leashed and attended at all times.

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