Hwy 11 Records - Reno Jack & Sunday wilde

Reno Jack
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Latitude: 48.760022 Longitude: -91.607594 Elevation: 1338 ft
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Hwy 11 Records is a small independent record label that focuses on the promotion, recording and publicity of roots artists in their roster. Current artists are Reno Jack the Bear www.renojackthebear.com and Sunday wilde www.sundaywilde.com. More to be added and to be considered for new projects you can send your info to hwy11records@gmail.com

Their projects consist of an annual award program for northern recording artists "Most Unique in the annual CBC Searchlight Northern area" as well as the release of six full length albums. With radio play and review worldwide. Atikokan is their home base.

The owners are open to visitors by appointment only.

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