Get to know Oliver Paipoonge: Hike and History

Enjoy a delicious freshly baked breakfast at the one of the finest bakeries around before setting foot on a unbelievably gorgeous hike around Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park. For lunch, head back to the Kakabeka village and indulge in a tasty burger from The Eddy made with local beef! Then, check out the amazing collection of old cars and other artifacts at the Duke Hunt Museum in Rosslyn. With such a warm and friendly community the adventures in Oliver Paipoonge are best shared with the family!

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park
Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park
Natural Area | State Park, Provincial Park or Protected Area

The roar of Kakabeka Falls can be heard before you reach it. The Kaministiquia River plunges 40 metres on its way to Lake Superior. This highest waterfall in Northern Ontario is the heart of the park. Boardwalks and viewing pods offer up close…

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Metropolitan Moose Beanery & Cafe
Metropolitan Moose Beanery & Cafe
Food or Drink | Cafe, Deli, Coffee House or Bakery

Located Downtown Kakabeka Falls right smack dab in the middle is a log cabin restaurant that has become a destination, the Metropolitan Moose Beanery & Cafe (The Moose), listed as "One of Canada’s Favorite Bakeshops’’ by Cottage Life Magazine 2007.


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The Eddy
The Eddy
Food or Drink | Restaurant

Locally owned and operated, The Eddy offers its guests a delicious array of meals made from scratch from local food sources. It is revered by both the…

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The Duke Hunt Museum
The Duke Hunt Museum
Museum, Theatre, Interpretive Centre | Museum

In 1952, Reeve Harold Gammon and Councillor Archie Hanna felt that a place should be found to keep artifacts of pioneer days in this area before they became lost or destroyed. H. K. Hunt, a descendant of early area pioneers, was appointed Curator.…

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