Canoe Canada Outposts

Drive in or fly in, this adventure will stay with you forever.

Our fly-in outpost cabins provide the isolation you seek in a number of wilderness settings, and our two drive-in cabins on Nym Lake provide a vacation setting for the more social-minded adventurer. Each lake contains multiple species of trophy fish, and the scenery will captivate your heart and imagination. Soft sounds of nature for your ears. Serene natural beauty for your eyes. Serenity for you soul.

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Latitude: 48.759753 Longitude: -91.618172 Elevation: 1298 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
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Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

Two generations of wilderness experience at your service. Jeremy Dickson, Manager/Owner, grew up surrounded by canoeists and their incredible stories of trips to Quetico country. It’s no surprise that from his first canoe trip with his parents at age 3, he was hooked. Since then, Jeremy has spent his life immersed in the park, guiding and exploring.

Canoe Canada was established in 1974 with one purpose: to share our knowledge of the Quetico wilderness country with outdoor enthusiasts seeking real adventure and security in the knowledge of excellent equipment and careful planning. Our commitment to quality and our wilderness experience makes Canoe Canada’s service uniquely personal.

Pet Friendly Notes

You are welcome to bring your pet. Remember to add its weight to the amount of luggage that can be flown into the fly-in outposts.

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