Camping in the Wilderness

Great glaciers carved the physical features of what is today known as the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) by scraping and gorging rocks. The glaciers left behind rugged cliffs and crags, canyons, gentle hills, towering rock formations, rocky shores, sandy beaches and several thousand lakes and streams, interspersed with islands and surrounded by forest. The BWCA Wilderness contains over 2000 designated campsites that offer the freedom to those who wish to pursue an experience of expansive solitude, challenge, self-discovery and personal integration with nature. Back-country skills and preparation is a must for traveling in the wilderness and enjoying a primitive camping experience. Overnight camping requires a permit during quota season (May 1st - September 30th).


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Latitude: 47.881609 Longitude: -90.888971 Elevation: 1842 ft

Number of Persons Shelter Will Accommodate

Nine (9) people and four (4) watercraft are the maximum allowed together in the wilderness.

Shelter Warming Source


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Pet Friendly Notes

Pet are allowed in the BWCAW. Please remember that dogs impact wildlife and barking intrudes on the experience of others. Dispose of fecal matter 150 feet from water sources, campsites and portages or deposit in a latrine

Seasons Open

Permits are required year-round. Quota season is May 1st - September 30st.

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