Butch Eggen Wilderness Guide Service

Butch Eggen's Wilderness Guide Service has been sharing adventures with outdoor enthusiasts in and around Voyageur Country for over 40 years.  While fishing is the main focus to get out on the water, Butch shares his knowledge, history, expertise and love of the natural environment with his clients/friends.  

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Latitude: 48.263369 Longitude: -92.49363 Elevation: 1145 ft
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Butch Eggen

Areas of Service and Expertise

Operating out of  his home at Crane Lake, Minnesota, Butch does day trips of fishing and shorelunch in and around Voyageurs National Park.  Nature and wildlife viewing as well as historic storytelling trips are also provided.

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

As a self employed guide sevice, Butch owns and operates his own boats, motors and other equipment.  Licensed by the USCG and National Park Service and insured gives customers the peace of mind that they may have a safe outing.  


Hi Butch this is Lori Mattson(Leo Mattson's) daughter. Myself, and my oldest sister Joey will be bringing mom and dad back to Crane Lake this Tuesday and going home on Thursday. We will be staying at Kjells cabin. Am looking for an unforgettable time to add to their memories. Crane Lake meant so much to both of them and their children. A boat tour will not work for them due to Moms capabilities. Any other ideas? Sorry for the short notice but Moms health is declining. I would like to chat w/you next week-its been a long time !!!!!

Lori Mattson, 8/5/2016

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