Amberlite Wilderness Resort

This campsites and cabins at Amberlite Wilderness Resort are really unique, being the only resort/developed property on Lake Weikwabinonaw . The lake located up Highway 590 west of Kakabeka Falls has a total area of over 3300 acres, and feature over fifty islands throughout the lake.

Amberlight Wilderness Resort offers: fishing, wildlife, beaches, special events, and beautiful scenery. There are many friendly campers, who have seasonal campgrounds, who are ready to greet any daily/weekly campers!

Campers are welcome to bring their own boats to get to many islands and beaches, or to fish (or you can rent a boat there). Some fish that can be caught here are: small mouth bass, walleye, and northern pike.

Not only does fishing attract campers, but there are many unique events held there over the summer. Some events include: fishing tournaments, children’s games day, firework nights, dances, a corn roast, and horseshoe tournaments. Overall, the cabins are also very comfortable, are located in good areas, and can each accommodate 4-7 people. There is also a store for: food, Amberlite apparel, ice, movie rentals, and more. 

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Latitude: 48.330924 Longitude: -90.360377 Elevation: 1516 ft
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Lodging Style and Amenities

Aside from seasonal campground rentals, Amberlite Wilderness Resort offers 7 cabins, located across the property. They are nicely fashioned wood cabins, that have a lot of space inside. Some come with one bedroom or two, but each cabin has a kitchen, with hot/cold running water. Each kitchen is fully stocked, with: fridge, propane stove and oven, utensils and glassware, pots/pans, small freezer, and more.

Each of the cabins has a fireplace, and even a loaded three piece bathroom (providing toiletry, towels, and so on). Many of these lodges are located very close to waterfronts or beaches, and have a fire pit and barbecue outside. Some other amenities include: WiFi, boat launching/docks, vehicle or trailer parking, horse-shoe put, bocce ball, and many more. There is also a coin laundromat, for anyone to get some laundry done. 

Seasons Open

All year round

Recreational Opportunities

There is many different recreational opportunities, for campers of all ages. For children there is: swimming, access to water slides, playing cards in the cabins, and there is a playground.

Both children and adults may both enjoy fishing, as a fun family activity. Another family activity could be sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows. There is also weekend activities a lot of the time, for campers of all ages. Some families may even consider renting a canoe or kayak for the day.

Adults may enjoy: playing horseshoes, relaxing on the beach, bocce ball, cribbage boards are provided in all cabins, barbecuing, and driving around in boats. 

Overall there is alot of space for other activities, for example kids can play games (like tag or hide and seek), or for family outings (like picnics at the beach). 

Rate Range

varies widely (depending on daily, weekly. or seasonal renting of cabins); for example: one night-approx. $200, while all year-approx. $2500

Driving Directions

There is a map with directions provided on the Amberlite Wilderness Resort website. Leaving Thunder Bay, you go to Kakabeka Falls. Drive highway 11/17 west until you get to highway 590. You continue straight until you get to Boreal Road. You drive until you see Marks Lake Road, and get onto this road. There will be a dirt road to continue on, which is called Lake Weikwabinonaw Road, and at the end of this road is the campsite. 

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

The campground is family owned and operated by the Macsemchuk family. Scott and Rachel Macsemchuk work there, with their daughter Marah. Amberlite Wilderness Resort has been family owned for over 50 years. This campground has been passed down through generations, and was previously owned/ran by Tony and Mazy. 

Pet Friendly Notes

Yes, with a small extra fee. Just call in advance!


had the pleasure of canoeing from Marks Lake to Weikwab... in 1965 while working as a junior forest ranger and staying on Marks for a few months planting trees and leaning to control small forest fires.... I was 16 and travelled 24 hrs by train to get their through the MNR....greatest summer ever..lots of stories...great fishing to return some day before too long.... hope it is still a northern secret!!!

mark mackenzie, 11/23/2017

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